Payment Options

Company Store Payment Options

Offer payment on account, on collection or via credit card


Give your customers a choice of payment methods

Using Customer Focus company stores, you can set up any combination of three payment methods: on account (no payment taken), on collection (if you have a bricks and mortar store), and via credit / debit card.

If you choose more than one option, your customers will be able to select their preferred payment method when they checkout.


Online payment via PayPal or

So that you're not liable for the security of your clients' card details, credit and debit card transactions are handled by either PayPal or Each will debit a small fee for processing the order (around 2.10%). offers you the option to authorize a card payment without immediately taking it, so you can adjust the value of the payment if needed.


Saved addresses and ship to locations

Once your client (or you, on their behalf) has registered for an account on your website, their invoice and shipping address will automatically display at the checkout.

They'll have the option to add additional shipping locations which will then appear as a drop down menu to choose from. Sales tax will update based on your location, and the client's ship-to location.