Technologo Added to Customer Focus Brand Family

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Continuing the rebrand of all technology tools, has added Technologo, the leading provider of Virtual Samples, to its brand family under a new division called Customer Focus - Interactive Imaging. Artworktool, an HTML5 online designer with print-ready output, also joins Technologo as part of the new division.

The finance and operational leadership moves to the Customer Focus UK base, with further investment being made to the headcount at the North American sales office based in Philadelphia, led by VP Sales & Marketing Chris Glowacki.

For over a decade, Technologo has provided the promotional and personalized product industries with Virtual Sample technology, enabling users to apply a logo, text or message to a product image in seconds. Recent studies have shown that when a Technologo Virtual Sample is created on a website, customer engagement and order conversion substantially increase.*

The move to the recently extended premises in the UK allows for a planned 300% increase in capacity for the leading 360 degree Virtual Samples through investment in capital equipment, automation, leading edge technology and highly qualified people.

Deborah Wilkinson, who becomes the Managing Director of the new Customer Focus – Interactive Imaging division, comments: “Technologo was one of the first companies to recognise the value of Virtual Samples in shortening the sales cycle and improving buyer engagement. I am excited to be able to take the best of that great legacy and move it forward so that our customers enjoy the highest ROI, and their website visitors enjoy the optimal user experience.

“To start with, we’re revisiting the product packages and pricing so that features which could materially improve the user experience will be made more economical and accessible to use, even for smaller suppliers and distributors. We have a well thought out roadmap of new features and enhancements, which I’m looking forward to sharing with all of our customers.”

 To learn more about how Technologo can help your business grow, please call Chris Glowacki on 1 484-445-4978 or email To hear more about the new features and functions, please email

*Igo-Post Case Study, April 2015